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Fingerfly Friends’ online supportive community provides entertaining interactive e-learning opportunities designed to advance ASL and English skills. Our mission is to change the face of bilingual education for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing young children.

Equal Access to Learning Freely


We deliver optimal bilingual access to promote Kindergarten readiness. Parents/caregivers receive guided instructions and checklists. Additionally, educators and early intervention specialists are provided access to curriculum modules, assessment and tracking statics.


This Bilingual E-learning Initiative is dedicated to children from birth through three years of age. Our innovative Family Language Plan supports children in meeting their dual language milestones at developmentally appropriate times.

Newborn Language Screening

Our Newborn Language Plan Initiative for children 6, 12, 18 months of age ensures that their language continues to develop past 1, 3, 6 month dual language milestones.

Bilingual E-learning

There are 24 modules of bilingual videos in American Sign Language accompanied by graphic motion captioning to highlight the English grammar. Each short video is matched with a variety of entertaining e-activities that encourage interactive learning.

FingerFly Friends Team

Terrylene Sacchetti

Founder & CLO (Chief Learning Officer)

Terrylene is a nationally renowned ASL poet, stage and television actress. Her inspiration for this E-learning site comes from being the mother of two deaf children as well as her professional entertainment experience. Dedicated to this mission, Terrylene graduated from California Baptist University in Psychology and Early Childhood.

Humberto Guzman

Backend "HBO DEV" Developer

Humberto is a man of many talents. He is a self-taught technician specializing in backend development. He is passionate about using his skills to provide a better future for our Fingerfly Community.

Ryan Fingerle

Frontend "RyRy" Developer

Ry discovered her passion for coding projects while pursuing her English and IT degree at the California Baptist University. She is an experienced ESL instructor and tutor who believes that Fingerfly Friends’ portal to bilingual education will assure that deaf, hard of hearing and hearing children will be better prepared to meet the language requirements necessary for Kindergarten.

Theo Wolff

Animator & Motion Graphic Captioner

Theodor Wolff's fascination with animation and technology is most definitely a perk for our Fingerfly Friends’ Community. Theo is extremely grateful for his patient partner who remains supportive while he creates a set of bilingual nursery rhyme videos for children across North America, freelances as a video editor, plays with his cats, and keeps his Peter Pan personality in check.

Jennifer Friede

Graphic Designer

Jennifer’s motto is ALL CHILDREN MATTER. Our Fingerfly Friends’ Community is delighted to have her on board. Jennifer is a dedicated dual language advocate passionate about helping children with special needs. Jennifer is a Creative Artist specializing in graphic design, illustration and coding. She additionally provides Social Media and Brand Marketing services for the Indiana School for the Deaf.

Seed Lab Project


Fingerfly Friends is honored to be part of the 2020 cohort of the Social Entrepreneurship, Engagement and Development Lab (SEED Lab) Project, under the direction of Stephen Bennett and Mihai Patru. Fingerfly Friends has been selected as one of the 15 change makers chosen to assist marginalized and underserved communities.

Kevin Struxness

ASL Grammar Advisor & Benefactor

Kevin, the author of Mouth Morphemes in ASL and celebrated inspirational speaker, guides our children's path towards excellence. Kevin is a professor at the Palomar College in San Marcos, California. He is looking forward to his retirement so that he can dedicate more of his time to the School Museum that he founded at the California School for the Deaf in Riverside, California.

Lisa R. Cohen,

Speech Language Pathology Advisor & Editor

Lisa specializes in Early Childhood Speech and Language development and intervention, as well as educational programming for parents, caregivers and educators. Lisa is excited about assisting our team provide our Fingerfly Friend’s Community with easy access to the English Language. Lisa is also the author of Grace is Born, most recently adapted for ASL.

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